Chandler Harley-Davidson puts on Classic Car Show and Cycle Swap Meet

Editor/Publisher Marty Bachman

As I've said numerous times before, buying a Harley changed my life completely. From that day forward, I decided everyone could kiss my ass, especially the useless bitch who I use to have to answer to everyday when I went to work. Buying a Harley gave me the motivation to tell her and the corporate fucks at Western News & Info to shove their bullshit newspapers up their collective asses and gave me the chance to start Desert Biker Magazine. That's why the Chandler dealership is like a temple to me and Steve is the messiah.

Anyway, before I get to far off track, they filled the parking lot with some absolutely gorgeous classic cars and then the side lot with about five or six swap meet people — us included. While it was a small swap meet and no one really had much merchandise for sale, the folks next to us had some serious used leather jackets, boots and other biker gear that, if I didn't have it all already, I would have bought it all off of them that day. There was also a band on hand and free food from an establishment named Ruby's being given out ...and it turned out to be a pretty good lunch.

We only gave out maybe 200 or so magazines at this event but, like what always happens, we got to meet some really cool people; both bike and classic car fans. I don't know what motivates a Harley dealership to hold a classic car show but who am I to question the wisdom of those that run Chandler Harley-Davidson? Those cars were worth some serious cash so maybe they did lure some big money customers into their store. Whatever their motivation, we were just glad to be a part of the day out there making new friends. Hope you can enjoy our photo gallery of bikes, people and classic cars.  

We were at the Chandler Harley-Davidson dealership on January 25, handing out issues of Desert Biker Magazine at their classic car show and biker swap meet. I love the Chandler Harley dealership because they were the ones who put me on my first Harley; specifically, Steve Goodrich, the Harley salesman. Every time I come here it's like a pilgrimage to the place of my re-birth. I kiss the ground whenever I land there and I bow deeply when I see Steve. I am so grateful for that day I bought my Harley.

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Photos by Laura DeMarzo